Friday 30 November 2018:  WEPA members joined parents and school children at a Stop the Tunnel event outside the Premier’s Electoral Office to protest against the proposal to destroy the bushland at Flat Rock Gully and the risk of adverse environmental impacts of the Beaches Link/Western Harbour tunnels project on our area.

1 STT event 30 Nov lr.jpg2 STT event 30 Nov-1.jpg


STT 9.jpg

4 STT event 30 Nov-1
Carol Breislin and Jill Newton

5 STT event 30 Nov-1

Larissa Penn, indefatigable coordinator of the Stop the Tunnels campaign with over 6,000 signatures collected against the car tunnel proposal for our area.
3 STT event 30 Nov-1
WEPA members Christina Pender, Heidi Key, Diana Weston and John Moratelli preparing for the event.
10 STT event 30 Nov lr
Lorraine makes her views known.

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