CLIMATE EMERGENCY – WEPA committee established

Fifth Estate

At the WEPA meeting on the 16 July 2019, following a viewing of the powerful climate action documentary Accelerate, members voted unanimously to pass the following motion:

Climate Emergency
In light of Willoughby City Council’s (WCC) refusal to adopt the recent motion put forward by Councillor Lynne Saville to declare a Climate Emergency and take appropriate action, its current review of its tree policy, its refusal to oppose the Beaches Link Tunnel, and other concerning actions, that WEPA establish a Climate Emergency committee to:

  • assess what actions WCC is currently taking to address climate change;
  • look at actions being undertaken by other councils which WCC could be taking to address climate change;
  • present this information to councillors with a request that they declare a Climate Emergency and take appropriate action;
  • publicise any response/s received; and
  • if necessary, consider supporting candidates at the next council election who accept that there is a Climate Emergency and are prepared to take appropriate action.

A WEPA Climate Emergency Committee has been established to work together on the above actions.  If you feel like contributing further to this work please message Meredith Foley at


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