This is what climate change looks like – a visual report


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WEPA members will recall that Prof. Lesley Hughes, Climate Councillor, provided a compelling presentation on the impacts of climate change in Australia to our March AGM. We have recently received the following message from her.

“As a climate change scientist, I often feel like words don’t go far enough to explain the impacts of the climate crisis being experienced right now.

That’s why we have tried something different: a visual report.

This Is What Climate Change Looks Like is a photo essay that graphically illustrates the impacts that climate change is inflicting on our iconic natural ecosystems and wildlife.

Already, it has reached millions of people, via media outlets including the Australian, the Guardian and SBS, which have covered our report in more than 350 news stories.

Know someone who needs to see this? Spread the information further by sharing our report with your family and friends today.

We are seeing saltwater intrusion, more frequent land and marine heatwaves, longer fire seasons and devastating droughts. This is what Climate Change Looks Like illustrates the damage these extreme weather events are doing to treasured icons such as the Great Barrier Reef and Kakadu National Park.

The picture is clear. Unless we rapidly combat climate change, the Great Barrier Reef could be lost forever. Our children would miss out on the beauty, wonder and richness that makes Australia unique.

Look through our new report here to witness the damage on the ground. Then make sure to forward it to someone you know, so they can too.”…/ecosystems-report/

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