Electoral Forum Recording – Listen in now

Thanks to all who participated in the online NCC/WEPA Environmental Electoral Forum for North Sydney held on Thursday, 12 May.  Our President, John Moratelli, introduced the evening, which was then run by our Master of Ceremonies, NCC* CEO, Chris Gambian.

We were able to hear from four excellent candidates standing for the North Sydney electorate:  Heather Armstrong (Greens),  William Blake (Sustainability Party), Catherine Renshaw (Lab), and Kylea Tink (Ind).**  Over 130 people registered and we had some spirited questions from the audience on issues from climate action to potential federal funding for the beaches link tunnel.  If you missed out last Thursday, now’s the time to grab a cup of tea, put your feet up and listen to the recording.  Hope you find it as interesting as we did:  https://youtu.be/Br4WbL0RJO0.

*The Nature Conservation Council of NSW is the state’s leading environmental advocacy organisation and acts as an umbrella group for many environmental groups, including WEPA.

** All known candidates for North Sydney were invited.  Victor Kline was originally part of the line-up but later apologised.  Lesley Kinney (Informed Medical Opinions) contacted us too late to be included.  Trent Zimmerman (Lib) was offered a choice of dates but was not available. 

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