About WEPA

WEPA’s Eastern Water Dragon was drawn by Adrienne Kabos.

WEPA is the Willoughby Environmental Protection Association. We are a community based group with an interest in environmental protection. While our primary interest is the City of Willoughby on the North Shore of Sydney, our members are also involved with environmental matters at state and National levels. WEPA organises speaker meetings and shows documentaries on a range of topics, lobbies Local, State and Federal Politicians, comments on plans and proposals before Local Government, has representatives on Local Government committees and sells native plants at a number of local community events during the year.

The environment in which we live – the streets, parks, playing fields, bushland, wetlands, rivers and bays, the form of our commercial centres and residential areas – play an important part in our everyday lives. The quality of the surrounding environment influences the way we live, the enjoyment we get from our neighbourhood, our well- being and that of our community. Willoughby has a very rich environment with resources worth protecting.

WEPA was formed in 1980 by a group of local residents concerned about the quality and management of the environment in which we all live. Anybody with an interest in the environment and the future of Willoughby is welcome to become a member of the group. WEPA sees its role as working for the protection and improvement of Willoughby’s environment through effective planning, management and maintenance, both locally and beyond. To meet this aim WEPA has, over the years, through the participation of its members, developed and involved itself in a wide range of activities, some of which are outlined below.

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WEPA is a member of the Nature Conservation Council of NSW.

Contributions from WEPA members are welcome.

WEPA acknowledges the traditional owners of this land, the Gameraygal people, their spirits and ancestors and we pay our respects to Elders past and present.

The views expressed in the articles on the WEPA website are not necessarily those of the publisher or editor.