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WEPA News provides members with up-to-the-minute alerts and news on the most pressing environment protection issues both locally and across Australia. WEPA News is emailed to members every two months, depending on what’s afoot.

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WEPA News Archive
Click on the links below to access the current and previous issues of WEPA News. Issues published before July 2016 will open as PDF files. Issues from July 2016 onwards are in an email news format and will open in your browser.


WEPA Bulletin Sept 2019
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WEPA Bulletin 23 October 2018
WEPA Bulletin May 2018
WEPA News March-April 2018


WEPA Bulletin – 10 October 2017
WEPA News Aug -Sept 2017
WEPA Bulletin July 2017
WEPA Bulletin 31 May 2017
WEPA News May June 2017
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WEPA Bulletin 18 March 2017

WEPA Bulletin 24 December 2016
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