Ted Nye’s alternative to the Beaches Link Tunnel proposal

EDO Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link Program PPT


Climate Emergency Motions

North Syd Council climate emergency resolution 22 July 2019

WCC Climate Emergency motion 13 May 2019 lost


Lighting article – Graham Jessup


NCC adopts Steady State Economy policy


Artificial Lighting 

Bushland Committee motion on Light Pollution

Haddock Joanna et al ‘Light pollution at the urban forest edge negatively impacts insectivorous bats’

Draft OH Reid Action Plan 2018

Newport et al, The effects of light and noise from urban development on biodiversity 2014

OH Reid Citizens Panel Terms of Ref 13 May 2019 – Final

Tunks Park – POM Submission J Berry-1

Stringer, Daniel, ‘Community say no to lights at Bales Park’, Daily Telegraph, May 30 2018

Artificial Grass/Synthetic Turf

‘Synthetic turf and microplastics under investigation by NSW Chief Scientist, Mothernature News, 26/08/2022


Powerful Owl Coalition, Protecting Powerful Owls in Urban Areas, 2018

Children and Activity, Nature

ABC News, Why Kids are Inactive, 7 March 2017

Active Healthy Kids Australia, Physical Literacy: Do Our Kids Have all the Tools? 2016

Fire Retardant Plants, Biological Sucession

Ian Crowley, Biological Succession, LO Spring 2020

Meeting your MPs

Meet your MP Guide

Sportsfields and Open Space

Australian Bureau of Statistics, National Health Survey: First Results, 2017-18

Australian Bureau of Statistics, Participation in Sport and Physical Recreation, Australia, 2013-14 

‘Do we really need to alienate open spaces for organised sport’

Draft Willoughby City Sports Facilities Plan of Management Nov 2018

Urban Tree Cover

Sydney Green Grid – North District 2017

How to create an Urban Forest – the 202020 collaboration provide a step by step guide, particularly for councils, making it easy to navigate greening the urban space from idea to planting (2016)

Environment Panel Advisory Paper for the Greater Sydney Commission (November 2016)