Hot, Dry and Deadly

Hot and Deadly.jpg

Daisy Barham, Nature Conservation Council Campaign Director
Photo: ABC News, Adrienne Francis

Despite Government inaction, three in four Australians now understand that climate warming poses a ‘catastrophic risk’.  The Nature Conservation Council (NCC) recently launched its new report entitled Hot, Dry and Deadly: Impacts of Climate Change on Nature in NSW.  The report, which was launched in Bathurst, Goulburn, Queanbeyan and Kiama in late July, draws together the latest research to highlight the effects of global warming on species and different landscapes. The report explains why climate change is not only the greatest challenge facing humanity but a serious threat to our unique wildlife and ecosystems.  The report and its message should act as an encouragement for people who love nature to get on board with the NCC campaign to #Repower NSW with renewable energy to protect the places and species we love.

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