Keep microbeads out of our oceans


Contact your State Environment Ministers now!

You know those little plastic pieces found in a range of products in our homes from toothpaste to body scrub to washing powder? Artificial exfoliants designed to make our lives that little more polished? Well they’ve all ended up in our oceans and waterways. Trillions and trillions and trillions of microscopic pieces of plastic, all resembling dinner time for marine wildlife.

The world is reacting to this ecological holocaust. The US, Canada, New Zealand and half of Europe are already introducing bans. HOWEVER Australian environment ministers are relying on VOLUNTARY PHASE OUT by the industry. THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Most manufacturers have complied but some have remained silent. And those who have cooperate can easily reverse their promise.

Which is why we need official action. Australia needs a ban on microbeads. But time is running out.

Australia’s Environment Ministers are meeting next Friday 27 April 2018 where this issue will be on the agenda.

GET INVOLVED. Go to and make your voice heard.

Protect Australian coastlines. Protect Australian wildlife. Help Us Ban Microbeads NOW!

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