WEPA submission to Stop the Tunnels – Dec 2018

Pre-school children exploring Flat Rock Gully, November 2018

The community consultation on the proposed Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link Tunnel recently came to a close.

WEPA prepared a response on behalf of its members which you can read here:

1 WEPA sub to RMS Dec 2018

Find out about:

  • the rich biodiversity in Flat Rock Gully threatened by the proposed construction
  • why urban bushland is so important for biodiversity and the community
  • the risks of hazardous pollution arising from the tunneling
  • the impacts both during and after construction on traffic congestion
  • the threats to Middle Harbour waterways and baths; and
  • why we oppose the use of large, unfiltered stacks near schools and child-care facilities

Most importantly of all, is this really a project to address traffic congestion?  If so, where are the public transport options?

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  1. Thank you so much for lodging this submission. It is public negligence and a total lack of Duty of Care by the State Liberal Government to even consider Flat Rock Gully as a dive dig site, specifically on the asbestos particles toxicity that will be released in concentrated form for the public to breathe in. Have they not learned anything from the James Hardie case? It is a precedence legal case for reference to. Thank you again. So many people enjoy the Willoughby sports field, infant play area, bush tracks and leisure centre and the bushland has been regenerated to be a very beautiful and bio-diversely rich area. Thank You!

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