What will Willoughby City look like in 20 years? Have your say!



In the next twenty years Willoughby is anticipating around 13,800 more people. We want to plan for future housing needs and position local centres for growth and change over the next 20 years. Revitalisation may include changing the rules for development, so we are inviting your feedback on our Draft Strategies and Land Use Vision for your Local Village Centre and Willoughby City.

So far we’ve received around 2000 responses to help us develop our housing and local centres strategies. You told us there is a need for revitalisation of village centres, without a loss of character, heritage or scale. There’s also concern about transport and parking.

These strategies will also form part of the long-term land use vision for Willoughby to fulfil new requirements of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act) for Council to prepare Local Strategic Planning Statements (LSPS).

Get Involved between 5 February – 16 April 2019

Step into the future and imagine the headlines that global media could be reporting about the City of Willoughby in 2036 developed though World Class local land use planning and tell us Your Vision for future ‘Land Use’ of Willoughby for the next 20 years.

Thank you for being part of shaping Willoughby City for the next 20 years.

Kind regards,

WCC, The Community Engagement Team

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