Stop the Tunnel Community Forum Wednesday – 8 May 2019

The Willoughby Environmental Protection Association (WEPA) supports the Stop the Tunnels campaign.

Please come along to the STT Community Forum at 7-9pm Wednesday 8 May. Event link:

We are fighting against a car tunnel project which is profoundly environmentally unsound and will have a large impact on our local neighbourhoods.

Now that the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage reports to Planning and Industry we have lost one of the last bulwarks against the type of invasive environmental impacts that have made life hell for families living around the inner city tunnel projects. It is very difficult to see how an Environmental Impact Statement signed off by PLANNING will speak out on behalf of the environment.

The Berejiklian Government claimed an overwhelming mandate for the tunnel following the State election.
How can this be claimed when:
– many people are still unaware of the impacts of the car tunnel
– the Premier and other local candidates stayed completely quiet about the car tunnel in their campaign literature (if it was such a great scheme for local people and the environment why not proclaim it from the roof tops!) and
– finally, 43% of people gave their first preference to someone OTHER than the Premier at the election.

The Balgowlah car tunnel will:
– destroy 6 acres or more of small bird and native animal habitat and community open space
– risk the release of chemical dust over young people playing sport at Bicentennial Reserve
– disrupt and pollute the wildlife corridor which flows down to Tunks Park
– unleash toxic chemicals in Middle Harbour
– pollute local streets and outside schools with construction traffic and unfiltered stacks and
– introduce a car tunnel for a trip which many Government and external experts say will be far better served long term by a metro or rail transport tunnel or link.


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