Calling on Willoughby City Council to declare a Climate Emergency

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Dear WEPA Members and friends,

On Thursday 17th October Councillor Lynne Saville will submit a motion calling on Willoughby City Council to declare a Climate Emergency.

The motion is at Item 16.1 in the ordinary council meeting agenda. See:…/general-council-meetings/

WEPA urges you to talk to your local councillor before the meeting and support the declaration. We would also like to see as many people as possible attend the Council meeting next Thursday (further details at end of post).

Councillor Saville submitted a similar motion on 13th May. This was defeated 4-6. Since that time more and more councils have been making Climate Emergency Declarations, which now include North Sydney, Ryde, Northern Beaches and most recently Lane Cove. Climate Emergency Declarations have now been made in 1087 jurisdictions worldwide and 57 councils of cities and towns across Australia, representing roughly 6 million people.

WEPA believes that the making of a climate emergency declaration will:
– alert citizens to the pressing nature of the climate emergency
– create a strong priority for action and budgets relating to the climate emergency
– encourage the delivery of solutions as a package (rather than piecemeal change)
– support the development of solutions decisive enough to end the emergency condition; and
– urgently provide for temporary protection and adaptation measures while longer-term prevention and restorative measures are put in place and while they achieve their full effect.

We acknowledge that while WCC has incorporated some climate change initiatives in its programs, there is still much more that can be done. This includes collaborating with other local, state and federal governments, encouraging the involvement of professional and other networks and elevating this issue to the level of importance that it deserves in the local community. Most importantly WCC can demonstrate leadership, inspiration and encouragement to our residents, acknowledging the high level of concern now being demonstrated locally and globally.

WEPA asks you to show our Councillors that this issue is more than symbolic. Can you please email or call your local Councillor before the meeting on the 17th to demonstrate support for the declaration of a climate emergency. (Note that this Council meeting is on a Thursday, not the usual Monday).

Contact details for your Councillors are available here:…/mayor–councillors/

We also urge you to attend this meeting. If you wish to speak on the issue you must submit a formal request to council by email before noon on the day of the meeting, stating the Agenda Item (16), your name and address. Speakers have 3 minutes in which to address council.

Kind regards
Gay Spies
Pres. WEPA

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