Beaches Link Tunnel EIS – WEPA Submission

Clive Park foreshore to be transformed by coffer dams and construction for the Beaches Link Tunnel

WEPA has been working closely with a range of other community organisations to read through the 12,000 pages of the Beaches Link Tunnel Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and determine our objections.

We have now released a WEPA response which deals with ‘Alternatives and Need’ and also with the biodiversity and environmental impacts of the proposed tunnel project on Flat Rock Gully, Clive Park and Middle Harbour.

WEPA’s updated response can be read here: 1 WEPA Response to Tunnel EIS Pt 1&2 Final

You have until the end of Monday 1 March to put in their objections.  Go to for further guidance and a portal to lodge your submission.



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