Flat Rock Gully Tour – 3:30pm Sunday November 21 2021

Would you like to know where the proposed primary Dive Site for the Beaches Link actually is in Flat Rock Gully? We have been asked many times.
This Sunday 21 November from 3.30 to 4.30pm please join our WEPA President John Moratelli for a cuppa and a tour of the site. Meet at the eastern end of Small Street Willoughby at the entrance to Flat Rock Reserve. 

This significant piece of urban bushland has taken thirty years to mature. A remediated toxic tip sits underneath it, which will be disturbed in the process of constructing the tunnel, potentially contaminating Flat Rock Creek and Middle Harbour.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Please come along and show you care. Bring your family and friends and maybe an umbrella. We look forward to seeing you!
You’ll also get to meet John Moratelli. Juliet Skipper-Schmidt and myself who have been working hard to raise community awareness around what we stand to lose If the tunnel goes ahead. PS all the pictures below are within the footprint of the dive site


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