Community-mindedness leads to wider media coverage of tree poisonings at Castle Cove

The above photo shows John Moratelli, WEPA President, presenting some WEPA greeting cards to Jill Newton in appreciation of her community mindedness in putting John in contact with the media leading to extensive publicity being given to the horrific tree vandalism which has occurred at Willowie Road, Castle Cove. Jill shared her dismay in what had occurred, and her delicious mandarin cake, with a young volunteer in her bushcare group who then shared with his mother, an ABC producer/presenter.  By putting that producer/presenter in touch with John, Jill planted the seed which led to radio coverage on ABC 702, TV coverage on ABC, 7 News, and 10s The Project, newspaper coverage in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian and the New York Times, and coverage on various media digital platforms.
Her passion led to the serious media coverage which the issue deserved and which council’s milder media release from weeks before failed to achieve.
Congratulations Jill.

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