Protecting Castlecrag Wallabies

dog attack Richard Blacklock
Injured Wallaby.  Photo: Richard Blacklock

In March there was a disturbing report of a vicious dog attack on a swamp wallaby in the Castlecrag Northern Escarpment.  The wallaby was injured beyond recovery and needed to be euthanized.  The dog responsible is believed to be still at large within the reserve.

The Castlecrag Northern Escarpment is a Wildlife Protection Area (WPA).  This means that dogs and cats are prohibited from entering the reserve.  Dog and pet owners, especially those living adjacent to the reserve, are required to have their pets under control at all times.

Council undertakes monitoring of feral, stray and uncontrolled animals in WPAs using camera and cage traps.  Fines apply to the owners of animals entering restricted areas.  Under the NSW Companion Animals Act, dogs found to be responsible for causing harm to other animals may be declared Dangerous Dogs.

Council officers have called for residents to keep their pets under control and out of Wildlife Protection Areas.  If you can provide further information about the attack or would like to know more about WPAs, please contact Willoughby City Council on 9777 1000.

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