At the September WEPA meeting we will be screening ‘THE BENTLEY EFFECT’ an inspiring, multi-award winning story of an environmental social movement.

“The fight against fracking needed a hero. Over 10,000 people put their hands up”.

 When: 7pm* Tuesday 18 September

Where: Glenaeon School Hall
121 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag

Please feel free to bring your friends and family. No charge, supper provided.

*Members please note the earlier start time.

When the coal seam gas industry staked a claim on the Northern Rivers shire of Australia, alarm bells rang out. A critical mass of people from all walks of life – farmers, landowners, mums, dads, activists, scientists – organised themselves to rally against the unconventional gas invasion. Despite the enormous public opposition, the gas industry and the State Government were determined to see their gas plan through. A series of dramatic blockades ensued, before the final battle lines were drawn in the peaceful farming valley of Bentley. Thousands of people flocked to the site to stare down the threat of 850 riot police, ordered in to break up the protest. What happened next set an historic precedent.

​Filmed over five years, ‘The Bentley Effect’ documents the highs and lows of the battle to keep a unique part of Australia gasfield-free. This timely story of a community’s heroic stand shows how strategic direct action and peaceful protest can not only overcome industrial might and political short-sightedness … but it can also be a lot of fun.

‘Gasland’ showed us the problem with fracking – ‘The Bentley Effect’ points us to the solution and poses the question “what is truly valuable?’.

​For more information see www.thebentleyeffect.com/about

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