Message from Australia:

September 20 is shaping up to be one of the biggest global mobilisations for our climate that we have ever seen.

We have 5 weeks left to make sure it is.

This time the school strikers have asked everyone to take part – so join the strike on September 20 in a city near you for Australia’s biggest climate strike yet.

Right now, Scott Morrison is putting it all on the line to defend coal-fired power at the Pacific Islands Forum [1].

Our Prime Minister is making it clear that this next term of government will be no different from the last – cosying up to fossil fuel interests while jeopardising the health, safety and prosperity of Australia and our Pacific neighbours.

The #ClimateStrike on September 20 is our biggest opportunity post-election to come together and make it unequivocally clear: Australians know our climate is in crisis, and we will take to the streets until our government begins a just transition for our economy away from fossil fuels.

On September 20, the streets of every major city in Australia will be filled with thousands of families, union members, and concerned citizens, led by school students striking for our climate. Can we count on you to be there?

Every day, I’m fielding calls from different union leaders, grassroots groups and a multitude of workplaces, who are itching to know how their members support this historic moment.

Meanwhile, the school students leading the show are turning up with relentless energy. They’re giving interviews, holding down logistics, and organising their peers in classrooms and in Facebook messages. It’s phenomenal.

When the next generation of voters hit the streets by the tens of thousands, backed by a broad, diverse and enthusiastic array of civil society, we can shift the realm of what is politically possible. We have 5 weeks left to make this big – join us and spread the word.

With anticipation,


P.S. If you’re already planning to attend the strikes, why not join the movement and help bring other folks along? There’s a pile of resources here – from posters and flyers, to a local outreach guide and a worker participation guide. Let’s do this!

[1] The Guardian: Australia removes climate ‘crisis’ from Pacific islands draft declaration


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