Bicentennial Reserve Contamination Report

Hallstrom Refrigerator factory in foreground on Willoughby Road, c1960.  Image: Picture Willoughby 

Willoughby Council has released a report on chemical contamination of Bicentennial Reserve prepared by the NSW EPA. WEPA believes the report is inadequate as it fails to identify or test for potential contaminants from the former Hallstrom refrigerator factory on Willoughby Road (including Chromium VI and PFAS chemicals) and for dioxins from the burning of plastics on site.  We have written to the WEPA to ask that these deficiencies be addressed; that bores be dug at the same depths likely to be uncovered by the Beaches Link tunnel and at further points on the site; that the flood risk identified by earlier reports be acknowledged; and that the report, once amended as suggested, be reviewed by an EPA accredited auditor.  WEPA urges that this work be undertaken before any further consideration of the Beaches Link Tunnel. You can read WEPA’s letter and comments by expert Dr Bill Ryall here.

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