Managing our Bushland – WEPA submission

Bushland near O.H.Reid Reserve, Chatswood. Image: Meredith Foley

WEPA believes that the Willoughby Urban Bushland Plan of Management (UBPoM), to which members have contributed over the decades, has worked to provide a sensible framework for maintaining our bushland reserves and that its strategies, in the main, are of great and continuing value to the goal of preserving the bushland and biodiversity which is emblematic of our Local Government Area (LGA).

The UBPoM has recently been reviewed by Council and released for public comment (closed 6 March).  In its submission, WEPA has commended the UBPoM content and actions but has made suggestions to increase its integration with other Council areas and to suggest stronger further action in some areas – particularly in relation to cats and dogs in bushland areas.

You can read the submission here.


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